Smith Family Welcomes baby Kaitlynn

I absolutely LOVE doing newborn photo shoots. When parents hold their newborn baby it is just easy to capture their love and emotion.. because they are so full of love for their new little one! I like to try to be creative in all my shoots.. but sleeping newborns are so fun to be creative with. Little Kaitlynn was so comfy in the green bowl I placed her in, wearing a hat that was given to her. 

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Ebonee’s Senior Photo Session

I had a great time with Ebonee and her mom. Ebonee was so easy to photograph… she was a pro! Her gorgeous eyes and long dark hair made for some beautiful pictures! Ebonee will graduate this spring from High School. 

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Daddy’s Valentine Gift

What a better gift to give your Daddy. Some people have their children draw pictures or make something special… but what about when they are too young to do that kind of stuff. As a new parent especially Mommy and Daddy’s love to see their precious baby in pictures as a surprise gift!


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Shani and her little boy


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Be my Valentine

I have had the privilege of getting to see this little guy grow… starting with pictures of him while still in his mommy’s belly, newborn pics and every couple months since then. He is a smiley little guy with parents who absolutely adore him! Here are some of my favorites from our Valentine shoot. He was loving the taste of the rose petals! 




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Robin & Nathan’s Wedding

Robin and Nathan’s wedding was a beautiful wedding in an Raleigh at All Saints Chapel. The church had beautiful wood plank floors, a huge stain glass window, a happy couple and a beautiful bride! After the wedding, we went with them on their honeymoon 🙂 Not really.. but they said it was the start of their honeymoon, taking their pictures together at St Mary’s. We were all freezing by the end of the bride and groom’s photo session but it was so worth it! Congrats to Robin and Nathan! 

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Baby Brianna

Tiny fingers and tiny toes, taking pictures of little miss Brianna was so sweet. I have known both of her parents, Philip and Bonnie since high school. While Bonnie was pregnant I took maternity pictures of her as well as some of her and Philip. So getting to meet Brianna was exciting. Brianna had been sick shortly after she was born delaying her first photo shoot her mom waited anxiously for… but it couldn’t have worked out any better to have done them when we did. She was still little enough to put in the stocking with plenty of room to spare but yet was old enough to give sweet little smiles and wide-eyed in some of them as well! My favorite picture is one we took of her laying under the tree looking down at her. All snuggled up sound asleep she just looks like a little baby doll! What a precious gift to be under the tree! Beautiful baby Philip and Bonnie!

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Matt & Emma Torrence Wedding

I was asked a while back if my brother, Stephen Torrence with Torrence Photography and I, would photograph my brother Matt’s wedding. It was an honor to be able to be such a big part of such a special day! Matt and I have always been close, so getting to be behind the scenes with him as he tied his tie several times making sure it looked the perfect length, ties his shoes and waited anxiously to see his bride was such a memorable time for me! Then sneaking over to watch Emma as she was touching up her makeup, putting her shoes on, having fun with her bridesmaids. Then making the call to Matt to tell him his bride was ready for him (since they were seeing each other before the ceremony for pictures). How awesome! 

We drove around town stopping at The Austin Theatre, a laundry mat,  an alley, and then off to her parents home for some awesome shots of them next to her goats just having fun, goofing off a little, and just enjoying the moment with each other! We had a blast watching their “first dance” (in the car.. dancing to the radio) all the way to watching her walk down the aisle by her dad’s side, to hearing the happy couple announced as “Mr. and Mrs. Torrence” to dancing at the wedding with the colorful sunglasses and  glow sticks, to driving off in the very colorful awesome Ford Falcon that her family had painted for them! It was an awesome day for not only them but for all of us who love them! Congrats Matt and Emma!!! I love you guys!
















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Photos By Amy Smith

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